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SSAMCAST is an open-source learning platform in which anyone can learn, teach and share. SSAMCAST provides your own online education space, the profile page. On your profile page, you can make your own unique profile, display your course history, view the list of courses that you are taking, teaching and recommending to other users, as well as ask questions. Join a growing community of educators and learners from all over the world and start your unique educational experience.
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With SSAMCAST you can tailor your learning experience to your needs. Search a course that matches your interests, take the course, and set your own timeframes for learning. Take any courses you want and become the next pioneer in your field!


Take your experiences and turn them into valuable lectures. Let the students from all over the world have an opportunity to take your course. Upload unlimited number of courses and have lifetime access to all of your teaching materials.


Follow and send messages to your favorite users directly on their profile page and keep up-to-date with any changes on their current courses or any newly uploaded courses. When you finish studying a course, rate the course and share it to your social network. SSAMCAST is not just an eLearning platform; it is a fully engaging educational and social experience.