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There are still a few challenges remaining in the classroom. From a teacher's perspective, the class has a variety of students, all of different interests, goals and learning styles. At any given time it is difficult for a teacher to help each person. From a student's perspective, it is difficult for a student to focus in class with all of the different subjects and work that comes with them; it is easy to get overwhelmed. King of Review was created to support these teachers and students by delivering a learning tool for tailored teaching and learning experiences. King of Review gives educators and students the high quality resources to utilize and help them excel both inside and outside the classroom.
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King of Review provides 15,000+ practice problems and flexible curricula for teachers to utilize. Teachers can assign problem sets, tests and quizzes to students but they can provide a tailored learning experience to each student by setting different passing requirements, the number of practice problems and difficulty for each problem set.


Students can either enroll in class created by their teachers from the school or K-class created by King of Review. Choose a subject and chapter that you want to study and find a class that matches. Review and repeat the problem sets, as many times you want, view the lesson videos and step-by-step solutions for extra help as needed.


King of Review provides a real-time learning management system for students and teachers. Students can view their results from problem sets real-time and teachers can monitor class progress through individual or overall reports at anytime to understand where their students need the most help.